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There is always a time in a man's life when he would ask, "Should I buy a new car?" now, there is always a reason for this--unless he is ridiculously rich and just want to throw away good money because of, I don't know, boredom I guess. However, not everybody has the luxury to spend money without a reason--whether it is a necessity or just downright vanity. Finding this matter fascinating, I have speculated on a number of reasons most men think before buying a new car.

When his current car is already a battered piece of junk

Sure, his dad might have given it to him when he graduated in high school. Or maybe it is the first car he bought with his own money. He may be the sentimental kind, so he put up with his piece of scrap metal for this long. But due the natural cycle of things, his car breaks down. He has no choice but to sell it to one of those guys who buys junk cars for cash. Now that his car is once again brand new, he can wait for another ten years or so for the natural cycle of things to hit his way again.

When his family is already too big to fit in his Honda

This guy never thought that his family will morph into a family of seven or eight. Who would have warned him that he would have five children when he married his wife? He thought he was just going to have two kids, three at most. Now, with this new baby in the family, your dependable five-seater Honda is suddenly not too dependable anymore. You need a bigger car. Like one resembling kids' carpool on school days.

When his son or daughter is already old enough to drive

When a man has a teenager, it will only be some time before he or she gets his or her driver's license and demands for a car. When that time comes, I am quite convinced that he would rather buy that car (most likely from a second-hand car shop) than listen to his kid whine 24/7 about how much he did not love him or her enough.

When he wants to impress a girl

He has been in love with this girl for three years or so. And he has been trying really hard to get noticed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this cool guy with his cool ride is making the moves to this poor guy's girl. How can he possibly compete with an old Volvo? So he collects all his savings, seeks out those who owe him money, borrows money from a bank or a loaning company, and buys a much cooler ride. He wishes--no, he believes--this is enough to make his girl notice him more.

There are still other scenarios of course. He might want to surprise his wife with her dream car. Or he might want to buy his own dream car autel mx808 reviews. Whatever his reason is, there is never a bad time for a man to buy a car. After all, men love their cars more than anything (sometimes even anyone) else.

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