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In today’s world, owning a car is more of a need rather than a luxury. With the possibility of having to go on a long drive just to report for work, more and more people are finding the value of buying and maintaining a ride. Of course, you have to make sure that your car is in tiptop condition. One of the vital parts of your ride that needs to be checked all the time is your headlights, or what some people would call as the head lamp.

While most people use the terms, â€Å"headlight” and â€Å"head lamps” interchangeably, the two are actually not the same. Headlight refers to the actual beam of light thrown from the head lamp. Headlights allow the driver to see what’s directly in front of him or her TOPDON ArtiHD I, thereby preventing any accidents from happening. In the past, headlights have made use of such materials as acetylene and tungsten in order to produce the needed light, although, modern electrical lights typically make use of filament made from the latter as they do not get burned out easily maxisys elite. This kind of filament, however, also has its limitations in that it tends to get hot after sometime and would need to be replaced every so often. Today, however, with people giving more impact on making sure that they are able to see father down the road, the concept of using HID headlights have become more and more popular.

HID, or High-Intensity Discharge headlights, make use of an electric arc rather than the traditional filament. Metallic salts that become vaporized within the arc chamber take on the role of the filament. Because of this, they tend to have higher efficiency compared to other types of lamps. The use of HID light was first introduced in the early 90s with the BMW 7-series. While the European and the Japanese market was quick to adapt, the popularity of HID took time with the American market.

With an HID headlight installed, the driver is able to have the light projected at a farther distance. Because it is more energy efficient that traditional headlights, the car’s battery does not run out easily.HID lamps, itself, can also come in different types, depending on the kind of gas used. Some of the common types of HID lamps include Xenon HID, the metal-halide HID, and the sodium-vapor, to name a few. Of the different types, it is the Xenon headlights that are currently gaining popularity. This could be due to the fact that the light produced by Xenon headlights come very close to natural sunlight.

Although most people deem Xenon HID lamps to be a recent concept, it was actually invented back in the 40s by a German scientist and was introduced to the market about a decade later by Osram. Currently, Xenon HID lamps are typically used for movie projectors; and because it has lower lumens of visible light, this kind of lamps generally take away the possibility of producing light that can glare any oncoming vehicle.

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