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Every once in a while, car owners receive a mail that advises them to go to a certified STAR Smog Check center in order to have their cars checked. Although it is not a huge hassle, we all dislike it for a number of reasons. We dread the long waits that have to be done in warm rooms with questionable cleanliness. What we hate more is the failure of these checks, because those who fail the star smog check have to go through repairs that would cost more than we expect, and we are given so many upgrades that we sometimes do not know which are mandatory and which are not. In order to make this exercise more bearable, we must first understand why we do it as well as how it is done.

Why Do We Have STAR Smog Checks

Environmental laws exist for a reason. That reason is that we have to maintain our environment to make sure that we leave a viable atmosphere for the coming generations. Our cars emit certain gasses that do not help the environment at all. Although we need our cars, we can maintain them well enough to minimize these gas emissions. The STAR Smog test helps us determine if the cars we drive emit reasonable amounts of gas that are not extremely damaging to the environment.

Which Cars are Chosen for the STAR Smog Checks?

Not everyone goes through these checks. A certain percentage has to be done every year though to make sure that all car owners are on their toes and are aware that the cars need to be maintained. There are three automobile categories that undergo the checks. They are:

• Cars that have previously failed
• Cars that are prone to smoke belching if not maintained
• Random cars of the average driver

The first two categories are there for an understandable reason: these cars need to be maintained and are more prone to failing the tests if the owners do not take care of the engines maxisys elite. The latter part is to make sure that even the regular cars do not contribute more than their fair share of toxic emissions.

Where Do We Take These STAR Smog Checks?

There are certified check centers around California. There are two kinds:

• STAR Test Only Centers - these are centers that have been certified to conduct tests on cars. They have the capability to asses the center, but that is the only limit of their certification.
• STAR Test and Repair Stations - if you fail your emission test, your vehicle would need to be certified as repaired. These centers are the ones that are certified to determine what is wrong with your vehicle, repair the same, and then declare that it is once again fit to be driven around town. One such station is the Smog Hut in San Jose Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

Make sure that the center you go to is certified to do STAR Smog Checks such as the Smog Hut in San Jose, California. Otherwise you might just be charged an exorbitant price and end up not being certified at all.

Having the STAR Smog Check need not be a hassle. There are a lot of centers that are around California, and all you need to do is research a bit into centers that are customer friendly. If you find one that you like, give them a call to see if you can make an appointment as that would help decrease your wait time. Go prepared with a good book or something that would keep you occupied so that you do not get bored while waiting for your turn.

STAR Smog Checks have your car tested the way it is brought, so no special gadgets or tune ups need to be done. Just make your preparations, spend as little time in the testing center and pass with flying colors.

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