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Being pulled over by the police can be unsettling for even the most cautious drivers. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the stress involved with a traffic stop. First, keep your driving documents readily accessible. Second, follow basic etiquette guidelines, like the ones below. Using these helpful guidelines when you're being pulled over can make this stressful situation go smoothly:

Being pulled over? Here's what to do.

Stop immediately - Pull over to the right shoulder of the road as soon as traffic safely allows you to do so. This is not only courteous to other drivers, but also signifies to the police officer that you are alert and aware of your surroundings. When being pulled over, follow these steps:

• Come to a complete stop

• Turn off your engine

• Open your window

• Place your hands on the steering wheel or in your lap

• Ask any passengers to remain quiet

When approaching a vehicle, officers notice any movement that occurs within the car. If you are shuffling through your wallet, purse or glove box for your driving documents - or any other reason - it can place you under suspicion for attempting to hide or conceal something.

Stay in your vehicle - Remain seated unless the officer requests that you exit the vehicle. Likewise, do not start the engine. If it's cold outside and you would like to turn on the heat in your car, ask the officer for permission. Also, if you're pulled over when it is dark out, ask the officer if you should keep your headlights on or if it's OK to turn them off so as not to drain your battery.

Cooperate willingly and exhibit patience - If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, cooperate with the police offer. Not only will the officer appreciate your willingness to oblige, but also it can help you remain calm and collected. Politely oblige the police officer's request for your driver's license, proof of insurance and registration and answer any questions he might ask.

Remember that while you may explain your situation to the officer, you should not attempt to talk your way out of a ticket. If you disagree with the violation, it is best to accept the ticket and contest it in court. Accepting the ticket does not admit guilt. Rather it only acknowledges that you will either pay the fine or dispute it. Take note of any specifics, such as the exact time, the officer's name and any weather or road conditions that may have contributed to your alleged offense.

Now that you have a helpful set of guidelines to get you through any traffic stop, you should be prepared to handle being pulled over with confidence and ease. Make sure that your auto insurance coverage is always current; in many states it's illegal to drive without it autointhebox coupon code. If you aren't already covered, get an auto insurance quote that offers the liability and collision coverage you need. Also, look for discount auto insurance from a company, like Nationwide Insurance, today.

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