August 24 The Top 5 Brake Complaints and How To Resolve Them Sidst udgivet den 24-08-2017

Engine and brake problems not only present serious safety issues with drivers but can also contribute to the overall deterioration of your vehicle. Knowing what the top 5 common brake problems and resolving them in a timely manner means you don't have to worry about suffering sudden brake failures that could result in catastrophic accidents.

Brakes that squeak, squeal or emit a grinding noise--depending on the make and model of your car, this could indicate worn-out brake pads that need immediately replaced. While extremely wet or dry conditions could cause temporary squeaking noises when you apply the brake, any noise emitting from pressing on the pedal warrants inspection by a qualified auto mechanic.

Brake pedals that sink freely to the floor--when troubleshooting problems like this one, always check the master cylinder and the possibility of a hydraulic leak. Sinking break pedals are usually caused by a lack of pressure due to worn out master cylinders or insufficient fluid levels. Although your car may stop when the pedal reaches near the floor, you should never drive a car that is experiencing common brake problems like a sinking brake pedal.

Pulsating brake pedal--if you step on your brake pedal and the car starts to vibrate, chances are you have a warped rotor that needs replaced as soon as possible. Rotors provide a smooth, dependable surface for brake pads to press against to stop the vehicle.

Car pulls to one side when brakes are applied--noticing that your car tends to veer to one side when you apply the brakes is another indication that you may have warped rotors. It could also mean that the car has a bad caliper or cylinder wheel or that loosened wheel bearings are seriously affecting the steering system.

Stiff brake pedal--at the opposite end of sinking pedals are pedals that take a lot of pushing to get them to engage brake pads and rotors OBD2 Scanner. Obstructions in the brake line or vacuum/pressure issues may cause these common brake problems. Again, taking your car to a professional auto mechanic without delay is the best way to resolve brake problems maxisys elite.

Sometimes people may delay troubleshooting brake problems because they think the repair bill will be outrageous. However, brake problems never fix themselves and ignoring the problem could cost you more if your brakes fail to stop your car while traveling on a busy highway.

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