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In order to apply for a driver's license the following conditions must be true:

*You should be at least 16 years old.

*You should have your permit for at least six months.

*You should have completed driver education and six hours of professional driver training this applies only to those who are younger than 17 ½.

*You should have practiced driving with a validly CA licensed adult age of 25 years or older for 50 hours, 10 hours of which you have done at night.

This one important thing you should know, failing the test for the first time is not the end. In fact, the DMV gives you three chances to pass. However you must wait two weeks to retest. Few steps to be followed to gain a license are discussed below.

Step 1: Choose License Type

Determine which license you require for driving.

*Driver of the age 18 or over, a regular Driver License or Learner Permit is enough.

*Commercial Driver License (CDL) for heavy transport vehicles or high-occupancy passenger vehicles.

*Limited Learner Permit for new drivers under the age of 18

Step 2: Requirements

You should know for how many years you can use without License Expiration. Your license is issued for a period of 5 or 8 years depending on your age.

*If your age of 18 to 65, then you can use a license without expiration for 8 years.

*If your age of 66 or older than that, then you can use a license without expiration for 5 years.

Also the cost of a license & endorsements is based on the yearly charges.

Step 3: Documents

You will need to bring 4 documents altogether ds808.

To avoid inconveniences, make sure you have all necessary documents before visiting the Driver License Office. When you apply for the first time issuance for a Driver License or Learner Permit, you will need to provide documents from the following categories:

1. Proof of Age &Identity:

You will need 2 documents for this category which provide your full name and date of birth. Provide documents that include your full name along with your middle name. Documents that do not include a middle name will not be accepted.

2. Proof of Social Security:

You will need a Social Security card or a proof of Social Security Number.

3. Proof of Residency

If you are a U.S. citizen and a first-time customer, you must show a proof for your residence address of the state you belong to.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must provide documentation issued by the U.S. government indicating legal presence. Below are few samples

*I-551 Permanent Resident Card.

*Machine Readable Immigrant visa.

*I-766 Employment Authorization Card.

*Temporary I-551 stamp on I-94 or Passport.

*I-327 Re-entry Permit with supporting immigration documentation.

*I-94 Arrival/Departure Record.

*I-20 accompanied by I-94.

*DS-2019 accompanied by I-94.

*I-571 Refugee Travel Document with supporting immigration documentation, etc…

4. Proof of Liability Insurance:

Law requires you to provide a proof of insurance when registering your vehicle. For example:

*An original liability insurance policy binder.

*Or an insurance card with: your name, policy number, issue, &expiration date.

Step 4: Restrictions:

1. Health:

*If you suffer from a mental or physical disability that might affect your driving safety, license will not be issued for you.

*A handicapped person may be issued a restricted license provided with the disability does not keep him/her from driving safely Autel MaxiSys MS908.

2. Vision:

*No matter what type of license you are applying for your vision will be checked definitely. If you need a pair of corrective lenses, you must wear the lenses at all times while driving.

*The penalty for driving without the proper corrective lenses is the same as driving without a license.

3. Learner Permit:

As a learner permit holder, while driving a motor vehicle over the highways, you must be accompanied by a person who is licensed to operate the motor vehicle being driven & is seated in the front.

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