June 28 Speed Cameras in the UK Sidst udgivet den 28-06-2017

Motorists are being held to ransom with speed cameras when it was revealed that the operators of the cameras will not supply the information needed to help prove your innocence, relying on the fact a motorist would normally expect a fine of ?0 and 3 points on there licence but should they try and defend themselves in court, this increases to 6 points and up to ?,000 fine, many pay up rather than take the risk.

This could be very important if you were not the driver at the time.

Bikers in particular are being targeted in this way, as the speed cameras have never been tested on motorcycles for accuracy, which the home office admitted over a year ago, as they have with cars, but even with other motorists they are not always correct maxidas ds808.

In order to go to court and defend yourself, you need to supply the relevant information to prove your speed, as the cameras takes two photographs taken over a distance marked on the road, you need both photos showing exactly the locations and times to calculate your speed, but operators are refusing to help.

One operator Stafford Casualty Reduction Partnerships will only offer one photo, which is of no use at all, others offer two photos but crop the road markings out of the picture. A spokesperson for Stafford Casualty Reduction Partnership said, "The onus is on the driver of the vehicle to prove innocence and not on the partnership's to prove guilt

Motorists and bikers are being convicted without the chance to defend themselves on un-reliable evidence due to the high-risk costs they cannot afford to take a chance on, that's pure blackmail and solely for income producing reasons and not road safety.

Motorcycle News the weekly bikers bible had launched a campaign to stop this injustice and form a demo outside the houses of parliament last February to take place at the same time as the London motorcycle show. Perhaps other road users should form their own campaign or support this event before we are all forced off the road

Before this expands to other offences with no way of defending yourself autel maxisys ms906.

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